Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson pilloried for speaking sense…….


It the complete opposite for the Left, which is lauded for promoting idiocy…


Pilloried for speaking sense: He dares to say the unsayable on political correctness – and for this, Canadian professor and avowed culture warrior Jordan Peterson is demonised by the Left and shouted at in TV interviews, writes DOMINIC SAND

Jordan Peterson, is now one of the most controversial figures in the English-speaking world for speaking what many would agree is simply common sense. Yet in Britain, Peterson is something of an unknown to the wider public — or, at least, he was. Then, last month when visiting London to promote his book, he was interviewed on Channel 4 News by Cathy Newman. writes DOMINIC SANDBROOK.


Jordan Peterson, left, was frilled for 30 minutes by Cathy Newman on Channel 4 last month


Just imagine that somebody told you that men and women are biologically different, that people ought to take responsibility for their own lives, and modern life often seems hollow and meaningless.


Imagine that this person went on to say that young men often lack a sense of initiative, too many university courses have fallen victim to trendy dogmas, and free speech sometimes means telling people what they don’t want to hear.


Would you shudder in horror? Would you rush onto social media to condemn him as a dangerous lunatic? Or would you, perhaps, nod in agreement at what seemed like plain common-sense?


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  1. Dr. Peterson’s sin is that he has learned how to think. To the neo-fascists, that is an unforgivable one. In our societies, far too many simply cannot keep up with Dr. Peterson’s logic. They listen, but cannot hear. Their reactions tend towards bullying their POV in response. He engages in battles of wits with unarmed people.

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