Calais France revs up again as Muslim settler magnet due to Brit-French deal to speed up asylum claims……..


Compounding their lunacy exponentially… 


Migrants at war! A misjudged deal between Britain and France to speed up asylum claims has led to Calais becoming a migrant magnet once again – and bloody battles among Afghans and Eritreans

  • May and Macron invested £45m in security to speed up migration process
  • French port city of Calais has since been overrun with up to 1,000 migrants 
  • After changes for migrants under 18 riots have broken out between youths 
  • 17-year-old Eritrean Kidane was shot by Afghan smuggler as he waited for boat 


Pictured: 17-year-old Eritrean migrant Kidane was shot in the spine by an Afghan people smuggler waiting to cross the channel at Calais A 17-year-old youth lies in a coma in the intensive care unit of a Calais hospital unaware that he will never walk again.


It is only when he wakes that this Eritrean Christian will learn the tragic reality: his body is permanently paralysed from under his chin to the tip of his toes thanks to a 9mm bullet fired into his neck by an Afghan people smuggler.


The pistol shot shattered his spinal cord and sent Kidane slumping to the ground, sparking a two-hour riot between migrants of different races, waiting in the French port 21 miles across the Channel to slip illegally onto lorries and trains to Britain.

At the height of the riot ten days ago, nearly 200 Eritreans marched through Calais carrying shovels, sticks and tree branches to launch a revenge attack against Afghans, whom they blamed for Kidane’s shooting.


He was in Calais, sleeping in the woods and surviving on charity hand-outs, when he was targeted out of the blue.


He — like scores of young foreigners who have arrived at the port in the past fortnight — was hoping to quickly get to the UK following Theresa May’s promise last month that Britain will speed up migration applications from those in Calais, including under-18s.

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