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J.E.Dyer: “Strzok-Page text says Obama ‘wanted to know everything.’ Here are the next questions”…….


The swamp is draining and we know what lies at the bottom, just the extent to which they’re stuck at the bottom remains to be determined…


Strzok-Page text says Obama ‘wanted to know everything.’ Here are the next questions

 Strzok-Page text says Obama ‘wanted to know everything.’ Here are the next questions


There have been two major new blasts of information in the last 48 hours.  One is the less-redacted version of the Grassley-Graham memo that was released on Monday.


The other is a fresh batch of 2015-2016 texts between FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, which were included with an interim report from the Senate Homeland Security Committee on its probe of the DOJ/FBI Hillary Clinton email investigation.


Regarding the Grassley-Graham memo, Kimberley Strassel has a nice tweet-thread summary, including the point that the “Clinton friend” referred to in the memo appears to be Sidney Blumenthal.

LU contributor Jeff Dunetz highlighted that yesterday as well. That still leaves two other names: the associate of Blumenthal who gave Blumenthal the information (I assume that person, for now, to be Cody Shearer), and Blumenthal’s contact at the State Department. As discussed in my 5 February post on the Grassley-Graham memo, it’s likely we know who that individual is. I wrote about him and his extensive links to high-level Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, back in December.


But it’s the Strzok-Page texts I want to look at today, and in particular, the one that has social media on fire right now. It’s a text from 2 September 2016, in which Lisa Page utters the fateful words:

Yes, bc potus wants to know everything we are doing.

“Potus” was, of course, Obama at the time. Did this text from her mean that Obama wanted to know everything that was going on with an FBI activity that Page and Strzok were both involved in?


It appears so. The full exchange can be viewed via the link at the Senate committee site linked above. It’s also screen-capped here. (In all the screen-capped exchanges, INBOX = Peter Strzok and OUTBOX = Lisa Page.)


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