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Israel: IDF warns Lebanese people that their country has become ”one big missile factory for Iran”…….


Placed right next to private homes, schools, daycare facilities, hospitals and businesses…….


‘Your country has become one big missile factory for Iran’

IDF warns the Lebanese people about the Iranian takeover of their country. ‘The IDF is ready – the choice is in your hands.’


In an article published this morning on opposition sites in Lebanon and in Arab media, the IDF Spokesman, Brigadier General Ronen Manlis, calls upon the citizens of Lebanon to open their eyes to the Iranian takeover of their country, reports Ynet. “Lebanon is turning into one big missile factory by act and omission of the Lebanese authorities and a blind eye turned by many groups in the international community,” Manlis warned.


“It is no longer transfer of arms, money, or advice,” the article said. “De facto, Iran has opened a new branch, ‘Lebanon branch – Iran is here.’ The IDF is prepared and ready for all scenarios, and plans to further improve its capabilities and readiness throughout the year. As we have proven in recent years, and those who need to know about it know, our security red lines are clear, and we prove this every week. The choice is yours, the citizens of Lebanon.”


“When I’m asked to choose my picture of the year on the Lebanese front, I refer to the joint tour of the Hezbollah terrorist organization’s southern Lebanese front commander and his friend, the commander of one of the Shiite militias loyal to Iran, Qais Hazali,” wrote Brigadier General Manlis. “The unique picture expresses more than anything else Iranian involvement in Lebanon and raises the veil that covers the reality of Iranian control in Lebanon, which is tightening. It is clear that this unique phenomenon of ‘terrorist tourism’ is a tangible and unique expression of the danger to the Land of the Cedar’s future and the entire region – the danger of takeover by Tehran’s henchmen.”


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