Buffoonery Islam in France

French follies: Government would intervene if French jihadi faces death penalty in Iraq or Syria…….




Still remorse over the last person executed in France being a Muslim?


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France would intervene if French jihadist faced death penalty in Iraq or Syria – minister

PARIS (Reuters) – France would intervene if a French jihadist were condemned to death in Iraq or Syria, the country’s justice minister Nicole Belloubet said on Sunday.


The possibility of such an event has arisen after an Iraqi court this month sentenced to death a German woman of Moroccan origin for membership of Islamic State.

The European Union has a long-standing policy against capital punishment and all member nations have abandoned the practice.


Asked in a television interview on Sunday about how France would react if a French jihadist were condemned to death, Belloubet said: “The French state would intervene, by negotiating with the other state in question.”


Any such negotiations could involve requests for extradition, though Belloubet emphasised that these situations would be considered case by case.


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