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LI: Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton meeting on tarma was the end, not beginning, Mark Levin says Mueller investigation a ‘soft coup’…….


Mark Levin Show:

On Tuesday’ Mark Levin Show, Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the election is slowly turning into a soft coup attempt against President Trump’s legitimacy. Mueller isn’t building a criminal case against the president for obstruction, he is building an obstruction case. He’s not interested in bringing charges against Trump; his goal is to try and destroy him. This is exactly why Robert Mueller has surrounded himself with Democrat and liberal apparatchiks. This war on Trump is a war on us – the people who agree with his agenda and who voted for him.

Loretta Lynch – Bill Clinton tarmac meeting now makes sense, it was the end not the beginning


Posted by     Tuesday, January 23, 2018 
The meeting between then Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton in Lynch’s jet on a tarmac at Phoenix airport on June 27, 2016, would have remained a secret if not discovered by a local news crew.


Our first post about the tarmac meeting was on June 29, 2016, Gross appearance of impropriety in AG Lynch private meeting with Bill Clinton:

What do you call an Attorney General who meets privately with the husband of a person under FBI investigation, and only discloses it when asked?
Loretta Lynch….
Neither Lynch nor Bill Clinton are dummies. They both know that such a private meeting creates the appearance of impropriety regardless of what was discussed. Bill Clinton’s wife is being investigated by the FBI — why do you think he dropped in for a chat with Lynch?
Of course they didn’t discuss the case. They didn’t need to.
If there was no appearance of impropriety, why did Lynch wait until a local news crew, apparently tipped off, asked her about it?
It feeds a narrative of the Clintons acting like the fix is in, with Hillary repeatedly bragging that there is no way she’s going to be indicted.

Hillary claimed, the day after her July 3, 2016 FBI interview, that the meeting was by chance, and she only learned of it in the news:

Well, I learned about it in the news. And it was a short, chance meeting at an airport tarmac. Both of their planes, as I understand it, were landing on the same tarmac at about the same time, and the attorney general’s husband was there, they said hello, they talked about grandkids, which is very much on our minds these days, golf, their mutual friend, former Attorney General Janet Reno, it was purely social. They did not veer off of speaking about those kinds of very common exchanges.

At the 2017 one-year anniversary of the tarmac meeting, I wrote about the impact of the tarmac meeting based on what was known as at the time:

The tarmac meeting set a number of events in motion that would shake the campaign, and remain issues.
Then FBI Director James Comey, in light of the seeming impropriety of the meeting, took over the role that DOJ normally would play.
While Lynch didn’t officially recuse herself, Comey took it on himself to announce that there would be no charges against Hillary Clinton.
He would later testify that the meeting “made me worry that the department leadership could not credibly complete the investigation.”
It also led to Comey’s letter just before the election announcing the investigation was restarted…
The tarmac meeting, in Comey’s word, destroyed the credibility of DOJ, forcing him to act….
When Comey testified, after his firing, that Lynch told him not to use the term “investigation” when referring to the investigation of Hillary, that tarmac meeting once again became the context of possible collusion by Lynch to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

We now know a lot more about the sequence of events, which now strongly suggests that the tarmac meeting was not the start of events that led to the exoneration. Rather, it now appears that the tarmac meeting was the end of that process, the signal to the Clintons that all was taken care of.


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