New device developed to stop terrorist car rammings in their place, the MVB II…….


100% positive results is something that I can live with.


The world is volatile place, especially now so more than ever due to the rise of Islamic inspired terrorism. Thankfully there are smart teams of developers who are designing new, inventive ways in stopping those who would harm us. Here’s a website that I happen to come across the other day, from the makers of the MVB II, (Modular Vehicle Barrier).


The website of Mifram Security reads:

The next generation of light weight, portable and easy to deploy barrier. Sutiable also for urban areas and hot zones
A MUST for every perimeter security professional

The concept is brilliant. The MVB II embraces the inertia of the vehicle and drives it into the pavement/ground where it is placed.


Check out the videos:


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  1. I have an even better idea. Do NOT let them into our countries in the first place. There is ZERO Islamic terror in Japan because the Japanese have the good sense to KEEP THEM OUT!

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