Criminality MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Sweden: PM Löfven open to using troops to instill order on the streets in combating gang crime…….


Let this sink in…


Criminal immigrant (mostly Muslim) gangs are attacking police stations. This a direct response to the weakness and fecklessness that they perceive in law enforcement and the political establishment. In all of my days, I have yet to hear of a police station in the US to come under mortar/grenade/bomb/shooting attack on multiple occasions.


Yes, BLM-leaning individuals have assassinated cops working the beat, but the stations themselves, symbols of the civil society no matter where they exist have never been subjected to attack. This speaks of a brazen attitude, something even more dangerous than the murdering of policemen (which is horrendous and bad enough). It’s an attack on the country itself.


Soldiers help with the eradication of gang crime in Sweden? The prime minister is open to the idea, fellow party members oppose

Last year, over 300 shootings occurred in Sweden.

Gang crime emerged as one of the main topics of the first party leaders’ debate of the Swedish Riksdag this year, says Swedish media. In Sweden, more than 300 shooting incidents occurred last year. They killed 40 people and 135 wounded.

Jimmie Åkesson, chairman of the Swedish Democrats, declared war on organized crime and wanted soldiers to assist the police. He took as his example Denmark.

– In Denmark, soldiers receive short police training, and they work under police control. They simply ease the burden on the police so the police can bring the criminals to court, and the soldiers help maintain order, Åkesson told the newspaper Aftonbladet.

Åkesson thinks soldiers could be sent to oversee the order in Swedish suburbs.

– It could be considered in the event of a riot. I do not rule out any possibilities when it comes to criminality.

Löfven is open to the idea


Also, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven did not want to rule out the possibility of using soldiers against gangsters.

– It would not be a first, but I’m willing to do whatever is needed to ensure that serious organized crime is addressed, Löfven said the public broadcaster SVT after the party leader debate.

Löfven pointed out that the government has increased police resources and made more severe punishments. According to him, further measures are being investigated and considered.

More here at Yle (Finnish).

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