Pakistan Suicide Terrorism

Pakistan: Muslim Clerics’ Fatwa Declare Suicide Bombings ‘Haram’…….


The key quote:


Similar anti-suicide bombing fatwas appear to have yielded scant results in the Middle East, where the practice is used by Islamic State and other militant groups.


Something tells me that they know this.


Pakistan: Muslim Clerics Issue Decree Against Suicide Bombings


1,800 Pakistani Muslim clerics have issued an Islamic directive forbidding suicide bombings. Will this bring an end to the deadly  practice of Islamic terrorism? 


Islamic terror

By: The Algemeiner 


More than 1,800 Pakistani Muslim clerics have issued an Islamic directive, or fatwa, forbidding suicide bombings, in a book unveiled by the government on Tuesday.


For years, the South Asian nation has been plagued by violence by Islamist militants, who often use suicide bombers and preach that their struggle is a holy war to impose Islamic rule.


Suicide attacks are frequently condemned as fanatical and immoral, especially when civilians are killed, but insurgents view the tactic as their most effective weapon.


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