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Finns Party candidate for president Laura Huhtasaari: Close the borders and take Finland back…….


I agree with much of what Finns MP, and presidential candidate, Laura Huhtasaari has to say…


The rest of the pack are still stuck in the past, the losing past.


Borders closed and take Finland back – Class teacher Laura Huhtasaari became the most controversial presidential candidate of the Republic

Laura Huhtasaari, alumni, presidential candidate


As Finland’s President Laura Huhtasaari would emphasize patriotism and traditional Finnish values. Photo: Joonas Pikkarainen

Laura Huhtasaari, graduated from the University of Jyväskylä in 2004. Now she is a candidate for the President of the Republic of Finland with her slogan “Taking Finland Back”. But does she believe that she can win?




— “It was the EU crisis. I realized that we are the only Nordic country in the euro. We had given up our monetary sovereignty. That’s where I woke up. I wanted to change the world. ”




As a politician, Huhtasaari is known as a disputer. She often strongly disagrees with other politicians. She expresses her opinions very cunningly and confidently. She clearly enjoys disagreement and being argumentative.


She has been criticized for many reasons: racism, bringing her children into publicity, stealing Finland 100 centennial logo, imitating Marine Le Pen and much more. At the same time, her supporters consider her as the only decent alternative to the presidency.


Also in the presidential election she has been subjected to harsh comments. In the first presidential debate, RKP’s nominee, Nils Torvalds, had to praise Huhtasaari, but he found no other positive thing to say  other than Huhtasaari is a woman.




“I started to feel like I’m the only one who does not have the freedom to express my views. All ideologies need to be challenged, but yes, this is the reason for the bullying. ”



Huhtasaari is of the opinion that the press does not treat her equally with the other candidates. She believes that media always needs a “spittoon” and this time around she has been given this role. Obviously, articles about Huhtasaari are often very different from interviews with other politicians.


According to Huhtasaari, her interviews often focus on something other than what things and ideas she drives.


Well, now she quickly gets to tell what Finland would become if she alone could decide. Everything would be built around three pillars: Leaving the EU, the braking of immigration and the preservation of Finnish identity. All known to be controversial themes in today’s politics.


The main point is that Finland would leave the EU and the euro.


“Finland would be Nordic Switzerland. We would be the most competitive country in the world. We would have direct democracy and we would independently decide on our own affairs. ”


Huhtasaari would focus on family care, disability services, and especially on child protection, which she thinks is “not really good in this country”.


The difference would also involve a self-contained immigration policy, which Huhtasaari is happy to tell about.


“The effects of immigration should be positive or neutral. We should take the model from Switzerland, not from Sweden. ”


More here. (in Finnish)

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