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Austria: Islamonazi teen charged with plotting jihad attack on Christmas marketplace with another Muslim ‘terror-tot” in Germany…….


All avoidable if the right political policies were enacted ages ago…


Now we’re stuck with political policies that we detest, and are persecuted for protesting them.


The charges state that he then downloaded instructions from the internet on how to make a bomb, sent them to a German boy via messenger service Whatsapp and urged the boy to carry out a terror attack.

Austrian teen charged with plotting Christmas market attack with German boy


Austrian teen charged with plotting Christmas market attack with German boy

An 18-year-old is suspected of planning acts of terror in Germany and Austria as well as instructing a 12-year-old German boy to attack a south German Christmas market in 2016.

Accused by the Vienna prosecution authority of membership of a terrorist organization, attempted use of an explosive device and of instigating violence, the Austrian boy has been charged on several terror related accounts, reported press agency APA on Sunday.


Lorenz K., who turns 19 years old in a few days, was arrested in Vienna in January last year and has since been in police detention.


Born and raised in Austria and the son of Albanian parents, Lorenz K. is believed to have become radicalized in jail at 16 while serving a sentence for robbery. He was reportedly further radicalized after visiting several mosques once released.


In November 2016, he filmed himself making an oath of allegiance to Isis with his mobile phone, according to Austrian newspaper Kurier.


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