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Swedes worried about US cutting aid to ‘Palestinians’, not so much about the fifth column destroying its own country…….


The Swedish ruling elite are the worst of the worst…


If only the Swedes took time out to ponder their own situation instead on everything happening outside its borders, they would be far better off than they are now today. They’re so over the top on just about every geo-political issue that they’ve become a laughing stock. No serious minded individual ever takes them seriously, if they say ”it’s up” then of course it must be down. What happens between the terrorist factions of the ‘Palestinians’ and Israel does not factor in any way to what’s happening in the Middle East on a larger scale. This nonsense has been debunked time and again.


Sweden warns cutting US aid to Palestinians would be ‘destabilizing’ for Middle East


Sweden, a big donor country that has recognized Palestine as a state, warned Tuesday that any US decision to withdraw funds to the UN agency for Palestinians would be destabilizing for the Middle East.

Sweden’s UN Ambassador Olof Skoog said he had raised his concerns with US Ambassador Nikki Haley following reports that the US administration had withheld $125 million in funds due on January 1 for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians.


“My concern is that as we talk about regional stability, withdrawing funding for UNRWA would be very negative, both in terms of humanitarian needs of over five million people but also of course it would be destabilizing for the region,” Skoog told reporters at UN headquarters.


The Swedish ambassador said he did not rule out raising the issue at the Security Council, which is scheduled to hold its regular meeting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on January 25.


US President Donald Trump earlier this month threatened to cut US aid to the Palestinians, saying on Twitter that Washington gets “no appreciation or respect” from the Palestinians.


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