Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Pallywood

Pallywood is manna-mania for anti-Israel Western media/activist industry, ‘Shirley Temper’ now it’s poster child…….


If we had honest journalism working on all four cylinders, Arab propaganda would have no legs whatsoever…


This Ongoing War:

10-Sep-15: It takes a village: The passion for violence of the peace-loving Tamimis





Bassem Tamimi operates a publicity business which has staged and videographed Friday clashes in a village in the Binyamin region a few kilometers north of Jerusalem by the name of Nabi Saleh for years.

This is the Tamimi who, under the title “Palestinian human rights activist“, is heading to the US now for a month-long roadshow during September and October about which we commented a few days ago [“07-Sep-15: Peace, human rights, the sheer joy of killing people“]. Amnesty International which took him under its wing some years ago is among the groups paving his way in the US.


Bassem is married to Nariman Tamimi. Their children include A’hed Tamimi, aka Shirley Temper, a front-and-center role that her kept her in the camera’s focus for the past five years [“06-Sep-15: The making of a pigtailed provocateur“]. She is now about 15 and adored by Aljazeera [see their recent video promo] and by the PA Minister of Education (he’s the moustached one in the photo on the right, taken a week ago).


A son, Mohammad, now about 11 is the boy who appears with an arm in a cast and head in a headlock courtesy of an IDF soldier in a viral video that emerged two weeks ago.


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