Fighting Back Israel Self Reliance MUSLIM SETTLERS

Israel shows the way: Not one migrant entered Israel illegally in 2017 while 4,012 illegal residents left voluntarily, data shows……


Be more like Israel…


Also, it’s a start, but it’s just not enough to repatriate illegals, you have to become confident in your own culture and history, in your value system. Israel is proudly diverse, but also proudly Jewish, which means their cultural identity is strong, it unites them. What’s happening in Europe is the exact opposite, and they don’t even have a 20% Muslim demographic like Israel has, nor are they reproducing themselves to sustain their population numbers.


Steps to prevent illegal migrants from entering Israel 100% effective in 2017

Not one migrant entered Israel illegally in 2017 while 4,012 illegal residents left voluntarily, data shows • Cabinet to discuss closing Holot detention center, leaving illegal migrants with two options: voluntary departure or indefinite detention.


Not one migrant entered Israel illegally in 2017, according to figures from the Border Crossings, Population and Immigration Administration. The figures mark a turning point in the fight against illegal immigration in the country.


According to the administration’s figures, 4,012 illegal residents – 3,332 of them citizens of African countries – voluntarily left Israel in 2017.


Over the past year, 1,682 asylum requests were submitted by Eritrean nationals, 868 were submitted by Sudanese nationals, 7,170 were submitted by Ukrainian nationals and 1,350 were submitted by Georgian nationals.


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