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UK’s most elite fighting unit, SAS, to patrol tourist hotspots, take out any potential terror threat during New Year festivities……


We must continue to fight the impulse to normalize these kind of counter-Islamo terror procedures…


New Year terror threat: Elite SAS snipers deployed across UK ahead of NYE celebrations

THE UK’s most elite fighting unit, the SAS, will patrol tourist hotspots to take out any potential terror threat during New Year festivities, it has been revealed.



Special forces will monitor crowds in London’s Trafalgar Square, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh as they let in the New Year.


Snipers will be equipped with a Barrett Light .50 rifle, which can stop a vehicle at almost a mile.


Shooting vehicles being used as weapons by terrorists is considered to be one of the most effective ways of preventing any potential attack.


A source told the Daily Star: “New Year’s Eve is a nightmare for police and security forces because so many people are concentrated in small areas.


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