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UK: London police man barriers to prevent jihadi attacks during New Years celebrations…….


Thanks to UK leaders of course…


Ring of steel around London as armed police take to the streets with dogs and vehicle barriers are erected after ISIS threaten to unleash ‘New Year’s Eve hell’ in the capital

  • Police armed with rifles and sniffer dog units will be patrolling London’s streets 
  • Security ramped up as 250,000 people flock to city’s landmarks this evening
  • Scotland Yard Police revealed there will be less officers on duty than last year


Armed police with dog units will take to the streets of London this evening after ISIS threatened to unleash ‘New Year’s Eve hell’ in the capital.


A ring of steel has been erected on the city’s streets with 250,000 people expected to flock to landmarks including Trafalgar Square, the Southbank and Waterloo Bridge, to enjoy the fireworks tonight.


Fences have been reinforced with metal barriers along the Embankment and vehicle  obstacles have been set up around bridges.


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