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UK: Jailed painkiller carrier had ‘orfi’ nuptials with Muslim before being busted by Egyptian police…….


The Sunnis have a way around being penalized for the crime of adultery, just say to each other ”we’re married” then afterwards, divorce themselves.


This woman made horrendous errors in judgement, namely, getting involved with Muslim male, then taking drugs into a Muslim country for him.


‘It’s all my fault’: Lifeguard boyfriend of British shop assistant, 33, jailed in Egypt says she only brought in banned painkillers to ease his bad back

Omar Abdul Azim, the boyfriend of Laura Plummer, (pictured together left), jailed for taking Tramadol painkillers into Egypt, has admitted she brought the pills into the country for his back pain, which is the result of a car crash.


He said his ‘heart is absolutely broken’ and is campaigning for her release. The 33-year-old Miss Plummer is being held at a police station after initially being taken to the the notorious Qena prison (inset).


Two years ago, she and Mr Azim had Orfi marriage, which is not registered with the state but allows them to share a hotel room.


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