Islam in prison Islamonazis

Hamza the Hook complains about US prison life, would switch for a UK prison in a New York second…….


It’s called justice…


How America’s toughest jail turned hookless Abu Hamza’s hair white in just two years: Haggard hate preacher’s only view of the world is a brick wall he views through a four-inch window in his concrete solitary confinement cell

Hate cleric Abu Hamza wants to return to a cushy UK jail

What must life be like inside ADX Florence, better known as ‘Supermax’ and once described as ‘a clean version of Hell’, to make Hamza so desperate to leave?


The answer will no doubt bring some satisfaction to those who watched Hamza make a mockery of British justice during his eight-year battle against extradition.


If he could, Hamza would return to complete his sentence at Belmarsh (Britain’s most secure prison, where he previously served seven years) ‘in a second’, say his lawyers.


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