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Finland: Lefty researchers on why a harmless traditional Finnish Christmas play is ‘waycist’…….


Leftist kook academics…


Why is blackface racist? Researchers explain


Lena Näre, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Helsinki, gives a simple answer: because it is considered racist.
“For many people, a white person presenting himself as the King of the Moors, can be associated, for example, with the North American tradition, where blackface has a strong connection to colonialism, slavery and white supremacy. Stockmann’s customer base is international, and the ternary boy tradition is not necessarily very familiar. That needs to be understood.”
Blackface’s racism is based on a very international context, and on the way it represents the idea of ​​white supremacy, even if blackface’s performance does not directly deride black skinned people. When a white appears black by painting the face with black for example with shoe polish, he will almost unavoidably have confirmed his privileged position.
She says that in the debate about the blackfaced insult, it is not essential whether the creators of the proposal meant it to be racist or not.
“It does not matter, even if you say that it is not meant to be racist or that the presentation was meant to be completely harmless. What is relevant is if the case is generally interpreted as offensive and perceived as such in the same way as hate speech, for example, “Näre says.
“Culture always changes and needs to be updated so that it reflects modern values ​​and modern society,” says Näre.


Lena Näre protesting Helsinki University pink slipping some of her comrades:



You see, we’re supposed to take the academics word for it. These hardcore, Left-wing, social warrior-class mandarins of the cult of multiculturalism, are to set down for us the rights and wrongs of tradition and culture. Their views are unassailable, their diplomas are the golden ticket of the Left, that grant them carte blanche to say whatever they wish (within the politically correct spectrum that they’ve created) without being forced to prove their case.


So, speaking for the entire Black/Light Black/Brown/Light Brown/Tan/Light-Tan community, this lily white professor generalizes in the broadest sense an entire people, that they’re predisposed to view this Finnish play in the exact way that she says they will. A kid acting out his role that he waits all year to present (there’s a lot of lines to remember), is somehow promoting his ‘white privilege’ because his face is made black to look like a king from the Bible thought to be from N.Africa.


It’s enough for a single person to voice a protest for a supposed slight from the society at large to warrant a change. In other words it’s a tyranny by the minority. Context matters little, just the fact that someone declares that they’re hurt or outraged over something is enough for a drastic overhaul. I say butkis to all of this.


The woman is a hardcore ideologue.


Then there’s Marxist academic, Vesa Puuronen, Professor of Sociology at the University of Oulu.


IS interviews Professor of Sociology, Vesa Puuronen from the University of Oulu. Puuronen says that the ternary presentation could give up painting one person’s face black.
“Reforming the performance and changing characters does not require much imagination.”  Yle



It doesn’t require too much thinking to be a Marxist theoretician either.

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