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Finland: Martti Ahtisaari’s ‘Palestinian powwow’ in Switzerland comes up empty as reconciliation unravels…….


As we all knew it would…


He should never have been allowed to reach out to the Islamonazi terrorists in the first place. The George Soros funded CMI ($200 000 a year) that the former Finnish president Ahtisaari founded, and which is now headed by Alexander Stubb, has long struggled to muscle into the Swede’s ‘peace building’ racket. Lots of dough to be had and international prestige (legacy building).


Palestinians: Another “Reconciliation” Bites The Dust


For more than two months, the Hamas-Fatah “reconciliation” agreement that was reached in Cairo in October has been hailed by many Arabs and Westerners as a sign that the Palestinians were finally marching forward together.


It turns out, however, that the dramatic announcement of the agreement, which was reached with the sponsorship of the Egypt, was all a bluff.


Those in the know about the Palestinian world predicted that the latest “reconciliation” deal would fail. At least five previous agreements between Hamas and Fatah, reached under the auspices of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen over the past ten years, likewise failed. Every one of these agreements was stillborn, not worth the time it took to uncap the pen.


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