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Muslim Paraguayan with ties to Heznazis sentenced in Miami court to 3.5 years for conspiracy to ship cocaine to US……


Obama was the worst US president in modern American history.


Obama’s plan to eventually hand over nukes to Iran, then safeguard that plan even if it meant turning a blind eye to Hezbollah criminality and terrorism, will be his lasting legacy.


South American with ties to Hezbollah tried to ship cocaine to U.S. — Now he’s in prison

DECEMBER 20, 2017 05:27 PM

A South American man with ties to a Middle Eastern terrorist group was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison in Miami federal court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to conspiring to export cocaine to the United States.


Ali Issa Chamas, a Paraguayan of Lebanese descent who is close to a network of relatives linked to Hezbollah, admitted he tried to send a “test” load of three kilos of cocaine to a dealer in Houston as he expanded his drug-trafficking business beyond Europe and the Middle East. In his guilty plea in September, he admitted receiving $5,000 from the Houston contact, “Kuku,” for the planned drug deal last year.


U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams considered a sentencing range of three to four years on Chamas’ distribution conspiracy offense before deciding on his punishment. Although he was not charged with providing support to the U.S.-designated terrorist group, prosecutors argued that the judge should consider his admissions that he distributed cocaine to help finance Hezbollah.


Chamas, extradited this year, has lived for the past decade in Paraguay, which along with Brazil and Argentina form what’s known as the Tri-Border area. U.S. authorities say it’s a hub for a variety of illicit enterprises such as drug trafficking and money laundering that have long operated as fundraising fronts for the Hezbollah. Iran has been suspected of backing Hezbollah’s terrorist activities in the Middle East.


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