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Liberty Unyielding: Speaking of Hezbollah’s criminal racket, the Awans sure fit its profile……


Radio talk show host had a former FBI informant call his show on Monday, telling how Hezbollah operatives were sending junked cars stuffed with laundered cash to buy drugs and weapons for terrorists.


Levin Show: ”The Obama administration derailed, Project Cassandra, an investigation into Iranian and Hezbollah drug operations importing cocaine into the U.S. Not a single Democrat has come out to denounce what the Obama administration did with Project Cassandra. Too add, an anonymous FBI informant calls in to confirm the details of this project.”


Speaking of Hezbollah’s criminal racket, the Awans sure fit its profile


I knew Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak would be coming out with this update after Josh Meyer’s Politico post on Hezbollah and the Obama administration.  Rosiak is the one to write this.  I would add only that, although the Awans did financial business with some of the same financial institutions implicated in the U.S. charges filed in December 2011 (see below), there was nothing eye-catching in that.  The banks involved – e.g., PNC Bank – are so big that having loans and other accounts with them is not a stand-out feature.


There doesn’t seem to be a direct, readily documentable connection between the Awans’ car dealership and the entities involved in the Hezbollah scheme.  That includes any links with the 30 dealerships named in the 2011 charging document (which, as Josh Meyer outlines, was a good start, but never had the punch it would have if the administration had pursued the tougher charges it had the evidence for).  Still, Luke Rosiak shows that the profile of the Awans’ own little scheme is very similar to what Josh Meyer described in his article.


The differences in the Awans’ case are two. One, they had access for more than a decade to an extraordinary amount of information from inside the United States House of Representatives.  They were being highly paid by House Democrats for services that most of the time were not even clear.


Two, the Awans’ potential link to Hezbollah was an exceptional one: Dr. Ali Al-Attar, one of the Iraqis who advised U.S. officials in DOD on post-war planning before the 2003 invasion.  Al-Attar is an Iraqi Shia, at least one of whose parents is reportedly Iranian, and who lived in Lebanon after being kicked out of Iraq in 1980 (when the Iran-Iraq War started), and got his medical license in Beirut (see Rosiak’s links for some of these facts).


In other words, he had every opportunity to know a lot of people in Hezbollah.  Rosiak is all over the case that Al-Attar’s dealings in the U.S. have been far from aboveboard (his medical license in Maryland was revoked in 2012, in fact, due to his refusal to account for or correct questionable practices).  Al-Attar dropped off the radar after 2003 in terms of advising the U.S. post-war administration, and I’d stress that the connection to Hezbollah is not a conclusive one.


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