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‘Paleostinian’ Shirley Temper exposed as professional female agitator against Israel……..


The stupid (and very willing) media suck it up time and again…


Vlad Tepes sent me this Twitter link from which I captured the entire chain posted by Thomas Wictor. This encapsulates the mindset of the Arabs, their dirty propaganda/terrorist war against the Jews, the lame, willing media that swallows their tripe and publishes fake news about Israel. Like I said, #Fakenews is not news to us who have followed the Arabs’/media’s endless propaganda media war against the Jewish state of Israel, we cut our teeth on it decades ago.


Aussie Dave (who runs the site) and Brian of London at Israellycool have followed the Tamimi family’s incitement/propaganda campaign for years, dubbing their daughter Ahed “Shirley Temper”, something that even the NYT has took notice of as well as other big publications. If interested, go over to IC and check out their coverage of her, it’s even more extensive than Thomas’ well written, accurately organized chain of tweets.


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