Daniel Pipes Fighting Back

Daniel Pipes: Accepting Europe’s Anti-Immigration Parties…….


He makes a lot of strong points here.


I agree with the majority of what Daniel Pipes writes here. The only area in which I dissent, is the naming of these groups as ‘anti-Immigration’ as opposed to what they usually name themselves (like Geert Wilders), as anti-mass immigration. Also, Daniel states that: ”Third, these parties cannot be called far-right, for they offer a complex mix of right (culture) and left (economics).”


Most people who follow this website know all too well where I stand concerning statist parties and politics, I reject them. These are ideologies that demand a centralization of concentrated power (the essence of statism), which inevitably comes at the expense of the individual and their sovereign rights. It’s a painful fact however, that all political parties in the West engage in some shallow form of Marxist Socialism, and it’s why their societies are traditionally in trouble/chaos.


Now, if one is to properly assess the traditional term of ‘far-right’ (from a classical liberal viewpoint) it falls clearly within the socialist ideological spectrum. These anti-mass immigration parties could actually be labeled as ‘far-right’ if they fell under the old rubric of what that means, but as Daniel Pipes argues in his piece, “they are civilizationist” in origin, and that means something else as he explains.


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