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Media heads explode over Trump re-tweets of Jayda Fransen’s videos, they equate Islamic supremacist violence with average Muslims…….


This goes to show you just how out of touch these people are, they’re all over the map on how to ascribe what they’re seeing.

Finland’s state news broadcaster YLE delivers the following headline to their story on the brouhaha:

“Trump retweeted anti-Muslim videos”. (Finnish)

“US President Donald Trump has retweeted  three anti-Muslim videos from the British extreme right group.

One of the videos is allegedly showing Muslims maltreating a Dutchman. In another Muslims are claimed to be a throwing a teenager from a roof. The third alleged a Muslim is breaking a statue of the Virgin Mary.”


On the contrary, they were videos of anti-social behavior exhibited by Islamic supremacists. So now YLE is calling extreme terrible behavior, normal Muslim behavior. Interesting. They are all the time telling us that not all Muslims are violent, intolerant, just a few, so  when President Trump shows us some of those ‘few’ Muslims, the media and politicians rush to show their condemnation and declare the tweets against all Muslims.



This is hilarious!


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