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Facebook removes Hungarian Counter-Jihad news page due to Muslim pressure group…….


It can be safely said that Mark Zuckerburg and his team of IT wonks constitute a cabal of useful stooges.


Insisting that they’re doing righteous work in safeguarding totalitarian Islam from any negative exposure, they work against the very bedrock of our (rapidly shrinking) free societies. Freedom of speech.


From Gates of Vienna

Dzsihádfigyelő Runs Afoul of FISBEP

Long-time readers will be familiar with Dzsihádfigyelő, the Hungarian Counterjihad site, which has done volunteer translation work for us in the past. Although its name means “jihad watch” in Hungarian, it is not affiliated with Robert Spencer’s site.

Like so many other “Islamophobic” “hate” sites, the Facebook page for Dzsihádfigyelő has now fallen victim to FISBEP, after Hungarian Muslims complained about it. The following report on what happened was sent by the editor of Dzsihádfigyelő.


Hungarian counterjihad news site gets deleted by the Muslim Community on Facebook

by Dzsihádfigyelő

This is to inform you about a recent case of ‘Facebook jihad’ in Hungary. The content of our anti-Islamization website on Facebook was reported by the Hungarian Muslim Community (MIK) as ‘hate speech’, and consequently the site has been permanently deleted. As you might know, the meaning of ‘Dzsihádfigyelő’ is ‘jihad watch’ but the site is not an affiliate of Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch. Our site has posted translations of news, videos and articles from Counterjihad sites like Jihad Watch, The Geller Report, Vlad Tepes, Gates of Vienna etc. for nearly a decade.

Screenshots prove that the main official organization of Muslims in Hungary (MIK) admits its role in getting Dzsihádfigyelő’s page banned, and rejoices over it afterwards in a closed Facebook group — calling the deletion of the page a ‘triumph’. The Muslims leaving comments below the MIK post also discuss ‘their obligation’ to respond to ‘attacks’ (on Islam).

Even though Hungary is one of the few islands of free speech in the West, with goverment officials talking about ‘no more mosques’, Facebook is a different story. A couple of other Counterjihad Facebook sites in Hungary have already been shut down or restricted by MIK.

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