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J.E.Dyer: Report on Saudi king stepping down to be taken with the biggest grain of salt you can lay hands on…….


Sure sounds incredible to me as well…


New report claims Saudi king to step down shortly in favor of Prince Mohammed bin Salman

This report should be taken with the biggest grain of salt you can lay your hands on.  Taking nothing away from the fine work of the Daily Mail, we should be skeptical about claims from anyone regarding something as specific as Saudi King Salman stepping down.


(If nothing else, the effect to be achieved by promoting such a rumor is motive enough for someone to do it maliciously.  Might as well paint a big bull’s eye on Mohammed bin Salman.)


Nevertheless, the size of the Saudi “purge” in November 2017, which has been orchestrated by Mohammed bin Salman (AKA “MBS”), King Salman’s son by his third wife and officially Deputy Crown Prince, has argued all along for it being about more than merely modernizing the kingdom and preparing it for a bright economic future.


I would urge caution in interpreting the potential of the various signals about what’s going on in Saudi Arabia.  It – what’s going on – is inseparable from the regional security situation the Saudis face, a point that seems difficult to get Western commentators to focus on.  The Saudis do nothing in 2017 for abstract reasons.  Their movers and shakers are making all decisions with their eyes firmly locked on something Western analysts would benefit greatly from looking at themselves: the map.


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