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Burma: Hindu women recount violence and death threats by Rohinghya jihadi Islamonazis…….


H/T: Robert Spencer:

The establishment media consistently only presents one side of the story in Myanmar, claiming that Rohingya Muslims are being victimized on a massive scale, despite evidence that many alleged army atrocities have been faked, and that Myanmar non-Muslims have been brutalized and murdered by Rohingya jihadists. Even in this story, the Washington Post does its best to portray the Rohingyas as victims, but the evidence of their jihadi bloodlust keeps coming through anyway.


‘We are going to kill you’: Villagers in Burma recount violence by Rohingya Muslim militants


The Hindu woman wept as she vowed never to return home, where she said Rohingya militants slaughtered her son, daughter-in-law and three granddaughters in August.


“They killed my family,” Halu Bar Hla, 70, said through tears at a camp for internally displaced people in western Burma. “I will not go back. I will die if I go back to my village. They will slit my throat.”


Hla’s account illustrates the complexity of the Rohingya crisis, in which Buddhists and minorities such as Hindus claim that militant Rohingya have carried out atrocities against them even as a brutal military “clearance operation” has sent 600,000 Rohingya Muslims across the border into Bangladesh.


The U.N. human rights chief has called the Burmese military’s crackdown a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing,” and Burma’s democratically elected government and Aung San Suu Kyi, its de facto leader, have been widely condemned during the exodus.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Suu Kyi early Wednesday in Burma. At a joint briefing after the meeting, Tillerson said he was concerned about “credible reports of widespread atrocities committed by [Burma’s] security forces and vigilantes.” He said that the United States will consider targeted sanctions against individuals but that he will not advise broad-based economic sanctions at this time. The Burmese military issued an internal report this week that exonerated its soldiers of any wrongdoing.


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