Catalonia: 3/4 of a million people marched for release of political prisoners……..


Remember, it’s not so much of EU being on the brink, as it being forced to swallow a modicum of national resurgence that insists on ”going it alone” (for a nano second) before it thrusts itself back into the EU.


EU on the Brink: Hundreds of Thousands March in Catalonia to Demand the Release of ‘Political Prisoners’

Around three-quarters of a million Catalans have marched to demand the release of local politicians arrested for their role in the drive for independence.


Spain’s central government has dissolved the Catalan parliament, dismissed the Catalan government, and imposed direct rule following the region’s unilateral declaration of independence on October 27th.


This followed a self-determination referendum which the Spanish authorities deemed illegal and attempted to shut down violently, with the blessing of the European Union’s ruling bodies.


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