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Australia: Islam 101 imam uses Weinstein rapist as example why women should cover head to toe…….

No mention of the hundreds of millions of other non-Muslim men who never rape, grope or abuse females not covered up.


The whole issue of covering up is directly about how Muslim men are supposed to be expected to behave. The following is especially in Non-Muslim countries. Besides being a prayer shawl (hence the reason why non-Muslim women should never don it) it’s also a symbol of Islamic (supremacy) sharia, and an indicator that that female in question shall not be touched. All other females, well, that’s a different story.


‘They should be able to control their sexual urges but they don’t’: Hardline Australian imam says women need to wear the hijab to keep men at bay – and tells them to avoid wearing bracelets in public

  • Muslim sheikh Zainadine Johnson says women need to wear hijabs to repel men
  • Founder of Logan City Mosque pointed to Hollywood sex scandals to make case
  • Queensland Islam-convert also urged women to refrain from wearing bracelets 


A hardline Islamic leader says women need to wear the hijab so men can control their sexual urges.


Queensland Muslim leader Sheikh Zainadine Johnson has weighed into sex scandals surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to advise women on the need to cover up.


‘Men should be able to control themselves. This is a common argument against the Islamic hijab,’ he told his Facebook followers.


‘I totally agree, they should be able to control themselves, however facts show many don’t, this is why a hijab is necessary for women.’

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