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Reporters Without Borders think consensus driven Nordic states have freest media…….LOL

Eh…try publishing a cartoon of mohamed in any of their media (save Denmark), that should be the gold standard for a ‘free press’…


I gather RSF org couldn’t care less about the immense government, academic, media Left-wing pressure that’s exerted in trying to crush all other forms of media that do not yield to their Stalinist echo chamber-like conformity. What a joke.


RSF methodology in compiling the analysis



The questionnaire focuses on such criteria categories as the country’s performance as regards pluralism, media independence and respect for the safety and freedom of journalists. Each question in the questionnaire is linked to one of the six following indicators:
1 / Pluralism [indicator scorePlur]
Measures the degree to which opinions are represented in the media.

The old media along with the other two sides of the ”iron triangle” (government, academia) pose a formidable foe to any aspiring news media in disseminating stories which they deem are not being accurately and sufficiently reported on. The RSF org does not take this into account whatsoever, and so therefor their highly vaunted analysis is highly suspect.


2/ Media independence [indicator scoreInd]
Measures the degree to which the media are able to function independently of sources of political, governmental, business and religious power and influence.
3/ Environment and self-censorship [indicator scoreEA]
Analyses the environment in which news and information providers operate.
4/ Legislative framework [indicator scoreCL]
Measures the impact of the legislative framework governing news and information activities.
5/ Transparency [indicator scoreTra]
Measures the transparency of the institutions and procedures that affect the production of news and information.
6/ Infrastructure [indicator scoreInf]
Measures the quality of the infrastructure that supports the production of news and information.
A seventh indicator based on data gathered about abuses and acts of violence against journalists and media during the period evaluated is also factored into the calculation.
7/ Abuses [indicator scoreExa]
Measures the level of abuses and violence.
Each indicator is given a score between 0 and 100.


You can go through each and every category and easily prove that the Nordic states which feature highly in their report are gross violators of almost each and every category. Their independence is suspect simply by the funding they receive from the state, intimidated by Islamic communities, which leads to self censorship described erroneously as ”tolerance”. Transparency is suspect as well, it’s an open secret just how much these media houses, in spite of being in competition with each other, decide on how stories are to be treated, who will receive the kid glove treatment, and who will feel their steel jack boot.

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