Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands Islamic anti-Semitism

Netherlands: Muslim Jew hater gets off light, calls for the Jews’ extermination, gets only 250 euro fine…….


In a country given over to hate speech laws, where even looking cross eyed at a Muslim will get you thrown before a judge, this looks like a soft gloved approach.


Antisemitic Inciter Only Gets a Small Fine by Public Prosecutor

A pizza baker, Rachid El H., tweeted in 2012 extreme antisemitic messages including:

“Only answer for Israel: Total extermination of the cockroaches” and “Hitler wasn’t much compared to the Israelis. Somebody should have taken over Hitler’s task of sixty years ago.”

In 2017 Dutch public TV, NOS, interviewed Rachid about fighting polarization in the Netherlands, but the NOS didn’t vet him or check his extreme hate mongering.


The public prosecutor has proposed to Rachid that he pay 250 Euro and will be free of further prosecution.



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