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Finnish media finally reporting on Tariq Ramadan’s speaking invitation rescinded due to rape charges…….


I would be as thrilled if they all rejected him based on his connections to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.


Kirkko ja Kaupuinki: University of Helsinki revoked Islamic researcher’s speaking at panel due to rape charges 

Mäkinen says she didn’t know Tariq Ramadan. The rape reports came to her as a surprise.
There has also been discussion around Ramadan about his relationship with the Islamist network of Islamic Brotherhood . Ramadan is a grandchild of Hassan al-Bana ‘s founder, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood .
– When Ramadan was the last time in Finland [in 2006], then there was controversy about the Muslim Brotherhood. His brother and father are at least active in that, Virpi Mäkinen says.


Iltalehti: The dissertation at the University of Helsinki was canceled – the professor allegedly has been charged with rape

Visit by Professor, Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss-born Islam researcher to the University of Helsinki 10.11. has been canceled.
Ramadan was supposed to come to discussion, whose theme was Islam and the prevention of radicalization.
The reason for the cancellation of the visit and the whole debate is that Ramadan, a professor at the University of Oxford, a professor of modern Islam, has been subjected to harsh accusations.


Helsingin Sanomat: University of Helsinki revoked invitation to Islamic scholar – two women accuse professor of violent rape

“What’s in question is really a serious charge, it was a violent rape. It is already central to the reputation of our university and our excellent unit. This was negotiated at the university level. They do not want this kind of negative publicity, and we do not, “says Virpi Mäkinen , Church and City magazine .


IltaSanomat: Islam scholar was invited to the University of Helsinki – rape charges changed the plans

Tariq Ramadan, a well-known Islamic scholar, was due to speak at a university discussion on 10 November, but the university had to move the date after two French men accused of rape.
The University of Helsinki has withdrawn and moved to organize a discussion session, which the Swiss-born known Islamic scholar was called to Speak, professor Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University. During the discussion session, we had to consider what Islam can offer to prevent radicalization. The reason for postponing the opportunity is that two French women are accusing the speaker of rape.

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  1. Please please please do not believe this wolf in sheep’s clothing with or without the rape.
    His talks to western society are totally different from when he talks to his own people. He is sn islamist and will always hate the west and defend his religion with lies, half truths and manipulation.

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