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Finland: “Rocket Girl” Aishi Zidan reveals CMI’s deep involvement in brokering agreement between Hamas and Fatah in Switzerland……

Aishi Zidan is the infamous “Rocket Girl”…


As I reported earlier on her:

Aishi Zidan is the journalist reporting from Gaza for the Finnish Dispatch (Helsingin Sanomat), who let it slip that Hamas were using the Shifa hospital in Gaza City as a launching pad site for its rockets into Israel. I broke that story to the international   media (hereherehere and here.


Since then, Aishi, who identifies as a ‘Palestinian’ refugee, has joined the Finnish state media of YLE,  and now obviously has been put in charge of their ‘Palestinian’ PR department of their Middle East desk. Not only that, in her article she makes it clear that the meeting in Switzerland was in fact one of many for facilitating a joint PA government, with the terrorist regime of Hamas which runs Gaza, and Fatah which oversees the areas residing in Judea and Samaria. But it was done in a way that provided cover for the meeting between these two sides.


Aishi Zidan at YLE (24.10.2017)


Ramallah CMI has been involved in concluding a deal between the Palestinian organizations Hamas and Fatah.


On December 2016 in the Swiss Alps. There is a high representation of Palestinian organizations of Islamist Hamas and the more moderate Fatah. It is a miracle, since the relations between the organizations had soured.

— “Until the last minute, we were worried that they would not come,” says Sultan Yasin, a representative of the Finnish Conflict Management Initiative CMI.

The meeting, however, began behind the closed doors.


There were experienced politicians from the top of Hamas and Fatah – and five Palestinian young people from the West Bank and Gaza. It insulted politicians from both camps first. Palestinian politics is the stronghold of old men. Young people and women just do not show up there.

— Why? You fooled us! You said that this is a high-level meeting, Yasin says the men had started screaming at first.

The meeting was one of the hundreds that CMI has been organizing to support mediation negotiations between Palestinian organizations Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian civil society actors.
The Palestinians have been divided for over a decade. Hamas has dominated Gaza, while Fatah has West Bank. An attempt has been for them to reach an agreement for some time.
In October negotiations broke out when the organizations announced that they had reached a preliminary agreement in their long-running dispute.
CMI has supported the negotiations between the parties, but the organization emphasizes finding the solutions are in the parties’ own hands.

So there you have it. Without Hamas rejecting terrorism (which violated a UN resolution forbidding dealings with terrorist organizations) CMI for some time attempted to draw Hamas to the bargaining table with Fatah, and did so under an umbrella meeting of NGO’s to provide the needed cover.

Aishi Zidan, now the official YLE face for their reporting on the Arabs’ conflict with Israel adds further, concerning the international reporting on the meeting in Switzerland, writing:

“CMI’s involvement in discussions with Hamas, labeled as a terrorist organization , has also led to criticism. The Israeli Jerusalem Post magazine reports early in the year on the Swiss meeting in a critical tone.

According to CMI, negotiations can not bypass Hamas, as it is a powerful player in Palestinian society. If it is not included in a deal, it will collapse. It will be followed by instability again.

– Conflicts usually have parties that generate a lot of emotion. CMI, however, has to look for actors who have a big and inevitable role to play in peace. Isolation does not work. Sure, the big question is what happens to Hamas, Patokallio says.”

This is the logic they use to cover for their actions, and Zidan, very willingly refuses to answer the harder questions, such as

How can a terrorist organization, Hamas, who’s very existence is predicated upon the complete destruction of the other, then acknowledge the other’s right to exist which completely invalidates it’s own founding and continued justification for existing?


I’m still waiting for the answer to that one.

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