Finland Hate Speech laws Orwell's 1984

Orwellian Finland: New ”Internet cop” is a Greens kook former politician Teemu Hokkanen…….

Any Greens politician is a bona fide kook…


Greens are Leftist eco nutjobs, trying to ruin your lives economically, socially and environmentally as well. So this guy is a well rounded guy from a totalitarian’s perspective. Interestingly enough he became a cop, but from my perspective, not to safeguard society, but to manage it according to his political perspectives. Nice.


NOTE: US 1st amendment and unalienable rights are like sunlight to a vampire for the purveyors of this mindset.


His tweet reads:

Hi Everyone! I am the Helsinki police’s new Internet cop. Dealing more than ever with Internet hate speech and bullying!


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  1. I know that finnish greens want to raise the annual refugee quota from 750 to 2,500, finnish greens are against turning away undocumented asylum-seekers at the border, the Green Party also states it wants to remove the income and time limits currently in place for those granted asylum seeking family reunification, they also say forced deportations must be stopped at once, I think I have read somewhere that they are also against dental age checks for asylum-seekers, do you know anything more I can add here?

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