Sweden’s housing obligation to asylum seekers means other vulnerable groups go without……

So to the taxpayers funding the entire fiasco, the government says …..screw you!


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That’s how it is within any society devoted to identity politics, group rights and the welfare state and statism in general. The ruling (self anointed) elite choose the winners and the losers in society, handing out largess at the expense of the losers.


Sweden’s housing obligation to asylum seekers means other vulnerable groups go without: report

A new report by Sweden’s county administrative boards warns that vulnerable groups are struggling to find housing because homes are being allocated to asylum seekers. But the country’s housing minister insists that the real problem is municipalities not building enough.

In the report, which broadcaster SVT had access to, around 60 percent of Swedish municipalities said they had experienced a ‘displacement effect’ – where other vulnerable groups had a difficult time finding a home because of the right to housing for asylum seekers.


“As a consequence, others who need housing go without. We are not obliged to supply housing for them,” Thed Carlsson, head of social services in Hässleholm municipality, told SVT.


According to him the groups impacted are students, young people, and also people who have had to stay longer at treatment homes and institutions because there is no housing available.


The situation may get worse, as Sweden’s municipalities and county councils estimate housing will need to be provided for around 100,000 people with residence permits over the next year.


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