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US: Three jihadis charged with plotting attack on NYC for Islamic (nazi) State…….

The fifth column is there because they were let into the county in the first place…


3 charged with plotting NY attacks for Islamic State

ISIS supporters arrested, charged with planning attacks on Times Square, concert venues and subway in New York City; attacks planned to take place during Ramadan; ringleader tells undercover agent posing as supporter of ISIS he wanted to ‘create next 9/11,’ prosecutors said.

Three Islamic State group sympathizers plotted to cause bloodshed at New York City concert venues, subway stations and Times Square before US agents thwarted the international terror plot, the office of Acting US Attorney Joon Kim in Manhattan said Friday.


One of the men, 19-year-old Canadian citizen Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, has been in US custody since May 2016, when he was arrested in New Jersey. He pleaded guilty to terrorism charges in October 2016, the prosecutors said.


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