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Canada: Jew hating holocaust denier ”Arab Idol” goes on five-city tour……..

It would as if Canada would allow a bona fide Marxist or Nazi to go on tour during the height of the Cold War or WWII, propagandizing for his cause.

Pro-terrorist “Arab Idol” singer tours Canada


Mohammed Assaf was the winner of “Arab Idol” in 2013 — that’s the Middle East version of American Idol. And now he’s on a five-city concert tour in Canada.


Trouble is, Assaf’s music is explicitly pro-terrorist.


For example, his song, “Ya Yumma”, is one long propaganda video promoting violence against Israel. While showing videos of riots against Jews, Assaf calls on Muslims to rise up and “fight the occupiers”. He calls terrorists “martyrs” and tells young Palestinians to “fight back” to conquer Jerusalem.


And if you think that’s bad, on his Facebook page — that has 10 million followers — Assaf posts pictures of terrorists who attack Jews, and calls them “holy martyrs”.


No wonder when Assaf first arrived in Canada this week, he was greeted by Nazih Khatatba — a Holocaust denier.


More here.

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