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Finland: “Youths violently attack ticket inspectors on bus, trying to strangle one shouting ”I’ll kill you”, no one helped…….

A couple of months ago I posted about a driver who was fired for filming exactly this kind of behavior by Somali youths who had no tickets but tried to board the bus nonetheless.



The youth gang beat ticket inspector on a bus – “no one of the passengers came to help”

Wednesday 4.10.2017 at 18.56 (updated at 21.30)

 Bussikuskin mukaan nuoret olivat nousseet bussiin rehvakkaasti mitään lippua näyttämättä.


Four youngsters beat and badly kicked a ticket inspector’s on an HSL bus. None of the passengers came to his aid. Only the arrival of the police stopped the apparent violence that was going on for ten minutes.


  • The men who had gone to help her wife were subjected to four brilliant violent acts of violence.
  • There were about a dozen passengers on the bus, none of whom came to assist the inspectors.
  • The ticket conductors survived the short-term assaults.


The man and woman ticket conductors who worked for HSL was subjected to an exceptionally violent attack as they climbed in bus 70 from Malmi to the center of Helsinki in Pihlajamäki.


The woman came in from the back door of the bus, the man from the front door. Soon the man noticed that his colleague had some sort of ‘hassle’. He went to check the situation.



Kicking everywhere


When a female inspector asked to see four younger travelers their tickets, they began to behave threateningly. The youths cursed and shouted that they all had tickets. They shouted at the inspectors that they were racists.


According to the bus driver, the young people had rushed onto the bus without showing any tickets. When a male inspector asked one of the young people about it, he was given two travel cards and one passport. Two of the youths did not have a valid bus ticket.


In the middle of writing down personal information, one of the youths got up and tried to push the male inspector. The inspector swerved and tossed the attacker back. Likewise, the other three rose up and went over to the inspector. Two came in front and one to the rear. The inspector was beaten, kicked and pushed to the floor.


The inspector’s neck was pressed against a bench post. Slaps and kicks came from everywhere. They also hit his face.


There were about a dozen passengers on the bus.


– None of them came to help. The driver, on the other hand, continued to drive, reports the ill-fated inspector to Iltalehti.


“I’ll kill you”


Eventually, the inspector lay on the floor of the bus with one of the youths sitting on his head severely gripping his  neck shouting ”I’ll kill you”.


When the youths realized that the female inspector was calling the emergency center, one of them kicked her hand with the phone which flew to the other end of the bus.


At about ten minutes later,  emergency vehicles began to sound. In that case, two of the youths left the bus by kicking the door open.


Only moments before the arrival of police officers, one of the male travelers said “tried to go cautiously by talking to the situation”. He had also helped keep the two young people left behind in the bus until the police came in.



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