Finland Rape

Finland: Two men attempt rape of woman in Espoo Finland, police asking for tips…….

This is becoming all too common place these days…


Attempted rape of young woman in Espoo Bay – the police are asking for more information from eyewitness walking a dog

A young woman was attacked last night after six o’clock, says the West Uusimaa police.


Two intoxicated men attacked Maininkitie in the vicinity of the Casanova restaurant. The men were unknown to the woman. The men apparently frightened the woman who was outdoors near the venue and ran away from Maininkitie to the north.


One of the men was skinny and bald, the other was wearing a black cap. The police are asking about a woman who has been outdoors or any other persons who have happened to be near the event or are aware of it to contact the police at 0295 413 031 or e-mail to



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