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Australia: Jihadi wannabe tried to convert teens to ISlam and to jihad…….

Though looked to be as a novice, the man needs to be taken deadly serious, we had to reevaluate UK’s Anjem Choudary after initially writing him off as a loon some 10 years ago.


Sulayman Khalid: YouTube Jihadi’s rant as he plotted wave of terror

A WANNABE jihadi used a bewildering YouTube rant and slick pamphlets to convert troubled Western Sydney youths as he planned gue­rrilla warfare in the Blue Mountains.

According to a statement of facts submitted to the NSW Supreme Court in Parramatta, confessed terrorist Sulayman Khalid, 22, preached in the street, trying to convert people to Islam while wearing clothing branded with Islamic State badges.

He and Mohamed Almaouie, 21, pleaded guilty earlier this year to planning multiple terror attacks in Sydney and its surrounds “to advance violent jihad”, and the court is currently hearing sentencing submissions.

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