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British paper Evening Standard deems writing ‘death to allah’ on napkin by pub owner as ”Islamofauxbic”…….

So what they’re doing is succumbing to Islamic norms in amazing dhimmi-like fashion, now aren’t they?


Then there’s the fact that this pub owner who was expressing an opinion about a supposed deity may be brought  up on charges, thereby compounding the buffoonery. It’s amazing to me the time, money and human effort wasted over stuff like this so they can placate these pajamas and slippers club members.


Qatar Airways passenger facing jail for writing ‘death to Allah’ on plane armrest

A Qatar Airways passenger who scrawled “death to Allah” on his armrest because he was unhappy with business class service is facing jail.


Joseph Breslin, 36, wrote the words after becoming “tired and irritated” on a flight into Heathrow Airport.


He then wrote an Islamophobic note on a napkin attacking Muslims wearing headscarves, dropping it between two passengers after the plane landed.

Isleworth crown court heard Breslin, who runs a pub in south London, targeted the pair because he believed one had been deliberately spraying perfume to annoy him.


“He was in the business class section and was complaining throughout the flight”, said prosecutor Bill McGivern. “As the plane was coming to land, one of the crew noticed him scribbling on the armrest of the seat.


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