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French government say no one in France is safe…….

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In Wake of Attempted Paris Bombing, French Government Says ‘No-One Is Safe’

French interior minister Gérard Collomb has warned that “no-one is safe” after the authorities foiled an attempted apartment bombing in Paris.


Five suspects have been detained after a resident in an apartment building in the 16th arrondissement reported suspicious activity to the police, the Associated Press reports.


An explosive device was subsequently discovered and successfully defused, and counter-terrorism prosecutors have opened an investigation, according to a judicial official speaking on condition of anonymity.


“Blowing up a building in a chic neighbourhood of Paris — is this not a sign that no one is safe? This doesn’t happen just in suburbs in working-class neighbourhoods,” remarked Collomb.


The interior minister had to admit that one of the suspects was already subject to government surveillance for radicalism, suggesting that they had been able to participate in the plot undetected because such people usually have “friends [and] networks that can carry out the act”, and assistance from people who have not displayed outward signs of radicalisation “but are ready to help”.


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