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Sweden leads the West in prosecuting war criminals it let into its own country…….

Always placing the safety of their citizens first…


It’s an amazing attempt at spinning a miserable fact, that the Swedish government has allowed the worst of the worst to enter their country, and just happened to find out about their war crimes after they arrived. This is not a back slapping, high five moment, but a serious display of stupidity and hubris.


Sweden a leader in bringing Syrian war criminals to justice: Human Rights Watch

Sweden a leader in bringing Syrian war criminals to justice: Human Rights Watch

Sweden is one of the countries at the forefront of bringing those who committed war crimes in Syria to justice, according to NGO Human Rights Watch in a new report.

Many of the serious crimes committed during the years that the war in Syria has been taking place continue to go unpunished, in part due to difficulties investigating them. But in Sweden and Germany, some people have been both prosecuted and sentenced for the crimes.


The two countries are at the forefront in the fight against war crimes committed in the country, pushing the issues despite the challenges involved, Human Rights Watch notes.


The latest case to reach court in Sweden was a 32-year-old man who was sentenced to eight months in prison in September for violations of international law in Syria. The man, who had fought for the Syrian army, allowed himself to be photographed posing with dead or severely injured people.


The crime was committed near Damascus in January 2014. The 32-year-old came to Sweden in 2015 in order to seek asylum, but police became aware of him after a member of the public tipped them off about the photographs.


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