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Finland: Greens MP with both Turkish-Finnish dual citizenship cries ‘racism’ over jihad remark by Finns Party MP…….


H/T: Prolific Finnish blogger Kumitonttu, who makes an excellent observation that Greens politician and MP, Ozan Yanar, is still a Turkish citizen though he pulls the lever as a Finnish representative in parliament.


The following article is solely about an exchange that occurred in the Finnish parliament last December between Ozan and a Finns Party MP, Jani Mäkelä concerning the former’s behavior after being frustrated in not being able to speak during a meeting. Mäkelä stated after Ozan threw his notes on the desk (very un-Finnish like to show emotion) to which he replied, ”now jihad starts”.


The more important issuse is the fact that this MP for the Greens party, is STILL a Turkish citizen, which brings up a serious issue of dual loyalty. In the US, when question arose over Republican Ted Cruz’s US-Canadian dual citizenship in the Republican presidential primaries, Cruz promptly ended his Canadian citizenship. He should have done it ages ago before he first ran for public office(most likely unaware of it or had forgotten completely about it), but he ended it nonetheless, and therein lies the big question.


How can a person properly administer the position of lawmaker, and yet still be beholden to another country’s set of laws, mores and culture? Though Ozan Yanar is no longer a Muslim, he clearly hasn’t let go of his Turkish culture which steeped in Islam, and under the misguided notions that underpins the cult of multiculturalism, he doesn’t have to.


MP reproaches another representative of racism in Parliament’s Chamber – “Now Jihad begins !”

Tuesday 3.10.2017 at 06.33

Green Ozan Yanar requires politicians to use more accurate language.

  • Green MP Ozan Yanar blames the two Finnish MPs for racist behavior.
  • Jani Mäkelä commented on Yanar in the Chamber, “Now jihad begins”, when he frustrated with questioning without speaking.
  • Juho Eerola, on the other hand, has made it clear to Yanar, a native of Turkey, that getting Finnish citizenship does not make a person a Finn.

Perussuomalaisten kansanedustaja Jani Mäkelä pyysi myöhemmin Ozan Yanarilta anteeksi lausahdustaan.Greens MP Ozan Yanar from Helsinki, said today in a book that was published on Tuesday, that he was silent about an incident in Parliament. In a book by University of Helsinki professor, Teivo Teivainen A National Walk in World Politics (Into), an incident has been recalled from last December when he tried to speak to Parliament during question time in the debate on Finland’s foreign policy.


However, when Yanar’s did not come he became frustrated and tossed his note paper. After which a couple of lines were heard from another MP:


– Now jihad begins!


The Arabic word jihad means struggle, but it is often referred to as the holy war of Muslims against the so-called non-believers.


The commentator was Jani Mäkelä, a member of the Finns Party, a native of Lappeenranta .


– I was surprised, very much, that to me, as an atheist, they would talk that way – and even the Parliament House, where the talk of religion doesn’t belong Yanar says to Iltalehti.


– There was no critical discussion of immigration, it was about personal discrimination and it was my background.


Yanar, a native of Turkey who has moved to Finland at the age of 14, is a first time parliamentarian and the only immigrat member of the current parliament.


Yanar has Turkish and Finnish citizenship.


“Workplace Bullying”


Yanar deems Mäkelä’s insult as pure racism.


– That is naming, bullying and racism. He would not have said anything if I looked like an “ordinary white Finn”.


According to Yanari, the case shows that racism has spread to national politics.


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