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Finland: Swedish Peoples Party in shock over proposal to desegregate Swedish and Finnish students, place them in same schools……

Wow, they’ve had ”separate but equal” (segregated) schooling all these years…

Sami Kuisma on Twitter:

“Separate yes, equal I don’t know. At least it is easier for Swedish speakers to get a university study slot”

RKP in shock: Finnish and Swedish speaking to the same school?

21.10.2009 14:42

RKP city councilors are shocked at Espoo’s plans to move Finnish and Swedish-speaking schoolchildren to the same premises.


According to the proposal, teaching in classrooms would be arranged according to their own native language, but the students would be together for lunch and recess. The transfer would result in savings.


– The proposal shocked us, says City Councilor Mia Grundström (R) in Hufvudstadsbladet



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