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France: Just like multiple times in the UK, jihad suspect in Marseille attack was known to police…….

Which totally discredits the politicians’ and police officials’ assurances that they are keeping watch on ‘the bad apples’ coming into the country…


Remember folks, the lying fraudulent media keep disseminating the incoherent messaging burped up these polticos and politicized law enforcement officials.

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 OCTOBER 2, 2017 10:18
PARIS – The man suspected of carrying out Sunday’s attack in the French city of Marseille, killing two people, had been arrested and then released by police two days before the incident, a source close to the police investigation said.

The source said the suspect – who went by eight different identities or aliases – was stopped by police in Lyon on Sept. 29 on suspicion of robbery. He was then released for a lack of evidence.

The suspect’s identity remained unclear, the source added.

“The murderer had eight different aliases. Each time he was stopped, he presented a different identity paper. That’s why it’s so difficult. At one moment, he says he was born in France, at another he says he was born in Algeria,” the source said.

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