Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS Denmark’s rule of law crumbles, deploys army on the streets………

All self inflicted and predicted…

Migrant Crisis: As Rule of Law Crumbles, Denmark Deploys Army, Depleting its Capacity to Fulfill NATO Obligations

Skyrocketing terror and crime following increased numbers of migrants and refugees from Islamic countries has seriously depleted police resources. Yet another EU country will see a decrease in its ability to fulfill international military obligations as a result of domestic instability.


Rule of law in Denmark is imploding as the police run out of resources. An incident back in 2016 underscores this: A mother in downtown Copenhagen had to witness her son being beating to a pulp by masked Arab migrants. During this attack, the devastated mother called law enforcement, but due to a lack of resources, police could not respond in a timely manner. Her son was attacked because rumour had it that he was from the USA.


Already in 2013 “36 percent percent of Danes do not trust the police to come when needed.


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The incidence of Arab gang shootings in downtown Copenhagen is out of control, putting in danger everybody who visits this popular tourist city. In what has been described as a “massive low-tech jihad, thousands of incidents involving loosened wheel bolts, large rocks thrown from highway bridges, rapes, and now also shootings of random innocents on the streets, has dealt a massive blow to the general feeling of security among citizens and tourists alike.


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