Snaphanen: “Grief over the development in Sweden is almost unbearable”…….

And the elites in Sweden, as well as their lackeys will spin a tale of utopian delight…

A friend of the Danish Snaphanen writes him to express her grief over what has happened to her country during her lifetime.

“Grief over the development is almost unbearable”


As an older native Swedish woman, the grief of development is almost unbearable. The bitterness towards our politicians and authorities that have allowed and even still actively advocate so-called multi-culture makes me revengeful. They should be punished hard. But they get away with it, they do not even have to live near any of the no-go zones or go by bus late at night to take care of their jobs. Democracy is a blunt tool, for I have not ever participated in multiculturalism.
Diversity can work but never multiculturalism. Assimilation is required for migration to work. It’s never about poverty or race. It’s about culture. Islamic culture is the pure opposite of Swedish culture. Parts of Sweden have become ugly, loveless and dangerous in just a few years because of Islam.

H/T: @Snaphanen from Snaphanen blog

NOTE: Like I said in the above, the ruling elite and their sycophants try to paint any criticism of what their country has become, as both opportunistic and over the top. However, those willing to speak out paint a different picture, and it isn’t a pretty one.

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  1. I am almost certain part of the reason for a Swedish older friend of mines’ suicide was the result of Muslims moving into her block of flats in Sturgatan Stockholm. She attempted twice and succeeded the third time, she was 76 and a beautiful woman {an ex model} so around the same age as ABBA. Sad isn’t it.

  2. Sad, very sad !
    You should consider to move to a safe ex communist country,like Hungary ,where the country’s citizen rights are respected and protected.

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