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YouTube totalitarians/dhimmis suspend Pamela Geller’s channel with no notice or explanation…….

With the election of Trump, the hardcore ideologues on the Left are doubling down on their efforts to crush free speech and any momentum that we may have.


Youtube, like Facebook and Twitter, are in all out war with conservative voices for freedom and a return to rule of law. Hopefully this will encourage people with money to back alternative sources for content the Left finds ‘objectionable’.


YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

What a day. First Berkeley, now this.


YouTube has deleted my account. Why? Ask the leftist authoritarians. I haven’t a clue.


I have been posting videos to YouTube since 2006. Over a thousand videos of rallies, events, interviews and the like. Now my account has been deleted, suspended — poof! Gone.


All that history — gone. Like Aamon Goeth said before he deleted the Warsaw Ghetto, “They never happened. Today is history.”


Months ago, YouTube demonetized my videos. Last month, YouTube blocked me from posting videos because of a video I posted in 2007. The video was up ten years without incident, but suddenly it warranted a suspension?


Left-wing corporate managers have declared war on our freedoms.


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